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March 02, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

I've been dabbling! First a blog and now fine art, and I'm having so much fun!  It feels right, yet as any new medium it takes time to perfect! One of the things I love most about photography is watching a regular photo turn in to something different than actually was! A creation evoking thought and emotion!  I know that some people think, its not real and hate fake. I was taken back by these comments recently, but have come to realize that those people view photographs as a timeline and direct reflection of life. The journalistic photography so popular today approach certainly developed from that thinking.

There certainly is nothing wrong with that, I understand and desire that for my own family. There is, however, photography outside the family timeline. Just as any other medium, it draws your attention and lets your mind run away with thoughts and questions, in an exaggerated way a regular photo might. The non-reality and fairy tale quality of the fine art I have been envisioning should have personal meaning for each person. For some it can remind them of starting in a new direction or path, or of hope and joy, dreams coming true each and everyday, and for some just the mere reminder that you never want to completely grow up. It could also be a reminder that stepping out of your comfort zone can be wonderful and beautiful. Lazy River Ride

I plan on offering fine art to my clients shortly. This won't be part of a 20 minute mini session, or a birthday newsletter. This will be for the client who has the desire to have a photo created just for them. These will be well thought out photos, with planning and creating involved, and reproduced in their favorite print medium. They can still get the digital files, but may not reproduce them unless printed through my printers. I thought long and hard about this, as I never really wanted to be part of the reproduction part. This is special. This is unique. This type of session is being created to make a statement, serve as inspiration and be truly fine. The thought of allowing someone to print it at a hit or miss type print facility is not acceptable to me. The colors and lines of each piece of art will be exact and purposeful.

The fine art difference will be between the first photo and the second!

Unedited photo The Search












As cute as this little pipsqueak is the first picture might get a viewer to stop for a second or two wondering why she has a lantern in the desert and during the day.

However, the second photo creates the feeling of a fairy tale, it creates warmth and coziness with the darkness combined with the warmth of the lantern light. We notice how adorable she is and what she is wearing. Then our hearts melt as we see she found baby bunnies whose tiny bodies are lit by the lantern. We also wonder where she might be, you can't tell that she is in the desert anymore. This let's the viewer's imagination take over.

Fine art turns a one or two second thought photo and creates a much longer interaction with the content. It can allow us to step outside our normal lives and be enchanted as we step into the fairy tale or love story!

Fine art turns wedding photos into a fairy tale princess wedding photos. The photos turn into enchantment for the little girl inside each bride!

These are two of my favorite wedding photos. Real life but not. Beauty accentuated, imagination sparked!





A high school senior is at a time in life when a reminder of the growth possible when stepping out of one's comfort zone! Having a small fine art piece in the dorm room can be that daily reminder to keep putting that one step in front of the other!









Fine art of small children just makes us all warm and fuzzy!









Then there's the fruit! Fruit photography can remind one of the Art Masters of times gone by.





Drop me a line, leave a comment. What do you think about Fine Art Photography? How would it fit into your life? Do you have a fairy tale or wish upon a star idea that would move you if it were to become a piece of art?






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